April 13, 2021

You Should Dress up for NYE & Here’s Why

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What are your plans for New Year’s Eve this year?

I have to admit that I honestly don’t feel like doing anything but cuddling up with a big bottle of red wine, a bowl of popcorn and binge watching a new show.

This year was a lot!

But, I’m fighting against my inner pull to do absolutely nothing and I’m doing, well, absolutely nothing. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be pulling myself together even if it means I have zero plans for ringing in 2021.

Raise your hand if 2020 sucked. I imagine that everyone who is reading this post has their hand raised. Sadly, I do not think the clouds will part and all will go back to “normal” once the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. However, I do believe that we should all take time to dress up, put on make-up and celebrate the ending of this awful year and welcoming of the next.  Here are a few things you can do to brighten up your celebration at home this year.

Set The Mood

An easy way to brighten up your home and your spirits is with candles. The light and scent just makes me happy and feel good in the space I’ve been in for so long. There are certain scents I light around the holidays, which bring me back to the joys of this time of year. Scent is our strongest sense and I love associating it with a memory.

Invite a Little Normalcy

Add some pizzazz to your home and your holiday celebrations. Even if you can’t go out and party for New Years Eve, bring the party to you. There are so many affordable, fun and festive options. I’m pretty sure I’m going to need some party hats ASAP.

Treat Yourself

Every single one of you deserves to treat yourself after this year. Buy a little something special to throw on for the holidays. A slip skirt or a brand new pair of heels are sometimes all you need to bring a smile to your face.

Set it Apart

When we’ve been doing the same thing day in and day out, even switching up something a little makes things feel really special. Set up the table for a nice meal with your favorite wine. Dress up. Put on some sparkly earrings. Throw on some jazz music. Hang up twinkle lights. Chef it up in the kitchen. Any little thing you do to set this time apart will make such a significant difference.

Welcome in the New

While things may not magically change in the new year, there is something so great about a fresh start. Celebrate that! Make it a point to refresh and renew your energy however that may be for you.

Sending all my love your way as we navigate this fresh start together! I’ll be figuring it out right alongside you.


xoxo jacey


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