Here are some popular FAQ’s about my pre-made themes.

How long does it take for me to receive my theme after I have purchased it?
I use the email address from your paypal receipt of payment to email you your theme and instructions on how to install it within 2 days. I will then also ask you what header you want and what social icons and everything else related to the theme & get back to you with those items within a day or two.

Can I have social icons that are not seen in the theme demo
Sure, I can send you any you may request. I cannot however make changes to the existing style or design of those social icons.

How do I set up my theme and make my social icons link etc?
I will give you documents and a link to helpful videos I have made. I make it very easy to understand for which I have received many compliments!

I don’t want my sidebar to look exactly like the demo, can I add my own things and move things around? Yes 100% – the demos of my themes show an example of a sidebar. Nothing is set in stone, it can be totally customized using the blogger or wordpress dashboard.

On the demo the menu has links to pages that I don’t want, can I remove them?
Totally, the demo is just a guide and once you buy the theme only the pages you create will show in your menu. Its totally customization on your side! You can even link to an external link like Etsy in your menu.

Can I change the colors and the fonts myself?
If you know basic CSS you will be able to change these, otherwise just pop me a message on Etsy and I will guide you as to how much extra work it will be. Normally is between $10 -$20 depending on the amount of changes.

Do I get a header thats in the demo with the theme? What if I have my own logo?
The header you see in the demo (the design that says the name of the theme) is changed to your blog name when you buy a theme. I send you this header & it is included in the theme price! If you have your own logo/header you can either email it to me and I will re-size it for you, or you can add it yourself.

What if I want the header in the demo but I want a few changes?
Please contact me with the details of what you want and I can tell you which custom work add-on to purchase.

I have blog that I purchased from another store/built myself and I broke it slightly, can you fix it for me if I buy a custom work add-on?
I’m sorry but I only offer support for my themes.

I want an instagram feed like in the demo, can I add it myself at a later stage?
Yes when you purchase just ask for a guide and I will send you one on how to get it yourself!

Do you do custom blog design
At the moment I am not taking on any custom blog work. BUT if you want to work with me and make your blog a bit more unique than the theme, inbox me on etsy with which of my themes you like the most and what changes you would do to it to make it more yours and we could possibly work together from there. I like to have a starting point and know where you are coming from! I love love love building blogs!