May 9, 2021

Who Is The Masked Singer’s Pink Crocodile? ‘Masked Singer’ Fan Theories

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One night after…whatever that first presidential debate was, those of us choosing to escape reality by watching season 4 of Fox’s The Masked Singer were introduced to another round of contestants. Group B of the cast performed, and we met Serpent, Seahorse, Baby Alien, Gremlin, Crocodile, and Whatchamacallit.

On September 23, the show unmasked the first contestant, Busta Rhymes, who performed LL Cool J’s “Momma Said Knock You Out” inside a dragon costume.

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Week two’s episode was an exciting one for fans. Gremlin took off his mask, revealed himself to be Mickey Rourke, and eliminated himself from the competition. Now, everyone in Group B moves forward and stays in the game.

Now, there are several theories about Group B’s crew of singers. Most importantly, there are theories that the singer under the pink crocodile costume could be a major music icon. During the episode, the judges took their best guesses at who they thought could be behind the mask. Ken Jeong thought the Croc was Jon Hamm, and Nicole Scherzinger guessed a boy-band type: Nick Lachey. Uhhh, sure? Panelist Robin Thicke has suspicions that the person behind the mask is a boy-band member from Boston, and suspects the contestant could be Donnie Wahlberg, former member of New Kids on the Block and panelist Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg’s husband.

Fans have also started guessing about the pink croc, and none of their theories include Donnie Wahlberg. But some of them are pretty interesting.

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“A special set of keys reversed my game forever,” Crocodile says for their first clue in the clue package, adding: “Tik tac, woah!” They later say, “You’ve never met a reptile like me” in the intro clues.

Here are a few of the theories.

Nick Carter

It appears that a week of no The Masked Singer means there’s plenty of time for spoilers. Some fans think they have this case cracked: During the clues package, the Croc talked about how his father wasn’t supportive, so he gave him his first performance check to earn his approval.

On the Masked Singer Facebook page (per ScreenRant), a fan pointed out that that this was a story Backstreet Boy Nick Carter once told about his childhood in a magazine.

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So. Nothing is official, but it sure looks like Carter is a serious contender. His friend and former bandmate A.J. McLean is on another live show right now, ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. A few weeks ago, Carter and the other bandmates showed up as holograms on the show to sing “Larger Than Life,” to which McLean danced with his partner. Could Carter have also been appearing on his own reality competition show all along? According to Backstreet Boy super fans, yes.

There was also a clue in the package that referred to a family of five as well as a pirate flag, and Carter has a giant pirate ship tattoo in honor of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Elton John

92nd annual academy awards   show

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Some commenters on YouTube and Instagram think Rocket Man is behind the sparkly Crocodile costume. This guess seems be based on the elaborate design of the costume and the obvious “Crocodile Rock” connection.

Chris Colfer

the tonight show starring jimmy fallon   season 7

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Colfer, whom fans guessed was The Masked Singer U.K.’s Unicorn (that was actually Scissor Sisters member Jake Shears) is once again coming up as a possible contestant.

Neil Patrick Harris

celebrities visit siriusxm   june 10, 2019

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NPH is coming up in the same comment as Colfer; both have helped bring visibility to LGBTQ+ musical entertainers, so these related guesses make sense.

Jason Derulo

cynthia erivo  jason derulo perform at wawa welcome america

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Others seem to have tuned into the “Tik” clue. Is this maybe a reference to the singer’s presence on TikTok?

masked singer season 4 jason derulo


Swizz Beatz

rum room miami with swizz beatz

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Some people have latched onto the “special keys” clue and think the contestant is Swizz Beatz, aka Alicia Keys’s husband.

swizz beatz masked singer season 4


Here’s hoping we get more clues soon. And who knows—maybe the Croc will also take off their mask in an unprecedented show of self-sacrifice.

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