November 30, 2021

What I’ve Been Ordering from Amazon {April}

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Last month I did a post that everyone seemed to love so I thought I’d bring it back for another round to see if it sticks.

The previous What I’ve Ordered From Amazon included a bunch of random home decor things that were items that I thought everyone would find useful. This time, I’m sharing exact items that I’ve ordered over the past month along with a review on each one.

Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

I thought I’d be all environmentally friendly and order these reusable mesh bags. This way I can avoid using the plastic bags at the grocery store. I really need to put these in my car because I made a trip today and didn’t have them handy! They’re really cute and I think we’ll end up using them for lot of other things outside of product. I also think it’s a great bang for your buck – there are 15 bags for $10!

New Pair of Levi’s

I love, love my Levi’s so I ordered a new pair. I’m typically a size 26 but these have a ton of stretch compared to my other Levi’s so I could have sized down.

A Pink Wig

Things have been a bit stale around the house so I surprised Grant and June one night by popping on this wig during our kitchen dance party. I must say, for a $15 thrill it put me in the absolute best mood ever! Any time I’m feeling down now I put on this fun little pink wig and it really does lift my spirits. It’s frivolous and silly but I like it.

Cocktail Mixing Glass

This glass feels ultra luxurious and comes at a really great price. I loved adding it to my bar cart as a new accessory and we use it to mix cocktails a lot more than I expected!

The Must Have Dyson

I feel like this is the purchase that everyone is making during quarantine. I know so many people who have this Dyson and we all LOVE it! It’s super light weight and very easy to use. I love that it’s cordless too.

Cheese Sauce

You can take the girl out of Texas but please give her some good cheese sauce. Grant is allergic to cheese so these individual packets are perfect when a little cheese dip craving hits!

Crappy Printer

I hate this printer. I can’t get the cartridges to align and whenever a piece of paper is printed it falls on the floor because there’s no tray or anything to catch it. Returning asap.

Epsom Salt

We wanted to give our pups paws a good soak and epsom salt is what our vet told us to use. This bag is a HUGE BAG OF EPSOM SALT! Friendly reminder to check sizes and measurements before ordering.

xoxo jacey

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