September 16, 2021

Unorthodox Mechanical Timepieces : OLTO-8 INFINITY watch

1 min read

The OLTO-8 INFINITY watch is an unexpectedly chic timepiece that’s designed to deliver exceptional versatility and style for wearers, while highlighting an unorthodox way to tell the time.

The mechanical watch features a series of dials on the face that will be pointed to with strategically placed hands and indicators. This keeps the timekeeping components within the top 120-degrees of the timepiece in order to maintain enhanced visibility as well as visual intrigue for wearers to appreciate.

The OLTO-8 INFINITY watch is waterproof to 50 meters and comes in several stylish color options to match the design preferences of wearers. The straps on the timepiece can also be interchanged to suit needs or to help change the look of the accessory sporadically.


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