August 5, 2021

The Brands: Label to Watch: Thalie Paris

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Founded in the midst of the pandemic, this Paris-based bag label combines the codes of the “new bourgeoisie” with an eco-responsibility. Founder Nathalie Dionne, who previously worked for years in the luxury and advertising industries and is passionate about textile innovation, takes a very holistic approach to making her products sustainable and as close as possible to the goal of a circular economy.

The range is divided into three leather groups:
The Sushi collection is made of squama, a salmon leather. Thalie sources it from the French leather tanning company Ictyos Cuir, which obtains fish skin waste from restaurants. Since this “cuir marin” has only very small surfaces, bags made of this leather are elaborately sewn together in a patchwork technique.

Sushi collecion by Thalie

Sushi collecion by Thalie

The second collection line is called Cactus and consists of vegan imitation leather based on Mexican cactus leaves, which are distributed by the company Desserto.

Cactus collection

Cactus collection

The third collection line is called Upcycled and uses leather waste and leftovers from the French luxury industry.

Upcycled collection model

Upcycled collection model

All bags are 100% made in France to guarantee the best possible energy balance. 3D modeling and just-in-time production reduce the consumption of resources. Thalie Paris does not even use expensive packaging. The bags are sold in a recyclable jute bag. Her design is inspired by the 1930s and the typical Parisian chic. The Cactus collection has already been “approved” by the animal rights organization PETA, otherwise the brand is oriented towards the UN’s G7 Fashion Pact objectives. Retail prices range from €300 to €800.


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