November 27, 2020

Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Release Date, Cast News and Spoilers

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Spoilers for Netflix’s Sweet Magnolias season 1 below.

The Carolinas are king this summer, with shows based in the two states recently topping the Netflix charts. It started with teen drama Outer Banks, and then came the small-town romance Sweet Magnolias. Based on a series of books by Sherryl Woods, it promises Southern comfort in the form of a trio of middle-aged women (JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Brooke Elliott, and Heather Headley). The best friends since childhood endure separate but overlapping conflicts—divorce, moody children, and the promise of new love—as they build a budding spa business from the bones of an old South Carolina landmark.

Sweet Magnolias has a feel-good Gilmore Girls vibe, quaint and heartwarming, with a first season that meanders through touching but predictable family drama—that is, until we reach the finale. As Maddie (Swisher) watches her ex (Chris Klein) beg her to take him back, the couple receive a phone call: Their son Kyle (Logan Allen) was in a car crash. The paramedics drag him out alive, but there’s someone else in the passenger seat. The season ends before we find out who.

With such an obvious cliffhanger, it’s nearly impossible to imagine Sweet Magnolias won’t return for season 2. Here’s what we know so far.

The cast and crew are eager to return for a second season.

Multiple cast members have already spoken out about their hopes for renewal.

When asked what she predicts might happen in season 2, Swisher told, “[Maddie’s] got a long way to go…She’s got a lot of work to do. She’s got to figure it out.” She later added, “I don’t think [showrunner Sheryl J. Anderson] is going to shy away from doing something really intense.”

Anderson wouldn’t confirm to The Sun that she felt “confident” about a renewal, but she remains eager: “I would love to continue this story because I love the characters. I love our cast and crew.”

In addition, Headley told The Sun, “I hope the world allows us to have a season 2.” And Zoey 101 alum Jamie Lynn-Spears, who plays Bill’s new fiancee, Noreen, agreed. “[The finale] leaves a lot of doors open, and hopefully we’ll have a season 2 to figure out where it all leads us because I would be so excited to see where Noreen goes in season 2,” she also told The Sun.

Finally, Anneliese Judge, who plays Annie Sullivan, daughter of Dana Sue (Elliott), told ABC 11 she sees many directions where the show can go. “The opportunities, I feel like, are endless,” she says, “and I’m so excited to chase those and see where Sweet Magnolias takes me.”

Stealing Home (The Sweet Magnolias Book 1)

The series has yet to be renewed.

Sweet Magnolias debuted on May 19, and Netflix has a proven track record of waiting several weeks after a launch date before releasing official renewal news. If you’re worried about your chances of seeing these characters again, it’s entirely possible we’ll get an announcement this month.

There’s plenty more material for the show to draw on.

Woods, the author behind the original books, confirmed on Twitter that most of the material for season 1 comes from the first three books in the series. But she’d love to see the other books get their time to shine.

She told, “Longer term—because I’d like to believe it’s going to go longer, even longer-term than season 2—one of the things the books do is introduce a lot of characters who bring in other issues. Maddie, Helen, and Dana Sue can’t have every issue known to every woman in the country. Their lives would be a mess if that happened. So I would like to see some character arcs where we explore other things women can relate to.”

Since there are 11 books in total, there’s no shortage of material for the writers to weave in. But if you can’t wait to see where the show goes next, you can always dive straight into the novels for a potential sneak peek.

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