May 7, 2021

Statement Accessories For All Seasons

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One of the most exciting things about moving house was the chance it gives me to dig forgotten items out of my wardrobe. I try and wear my clothes on a good rotation but when it comes to accessories, there are certainly some pieces that could do with an outing. In celebration of taking small steps to sustainability (it all counts!), I’m choosing all my favourite statement accessories for all seasons- things you can wear now right through to the autumn. Rooting around in the back of your wardrobe- you might find more than you think!

If I’ve got a good accessory, I’m ready to conquer the day. Whether it be a pair of bright earrings,  a furry handbag or a bold pair of shoes, I’m all in. To me, a statement piece is something that truly stands out in colour, size, or texture. There are absolutely no limits, and it is a great way to let your own personality and creativity shine through.

Good accessories can save the day in more ways than one. They are great when you need to dress up your look quickly; if your office look needs a pick me up or when you’re out for the day but don’t want to have to change before your evening plans. Match pairs of colours and mix materials so that each look is new. The shoes don’t have to be high and the jewellery doesn’t have to be impractical or uncomfortable so this very much as doable in daywear as it is when you’re dressing up a bit.

TIP: Now is not the time to hold back. If you have a pair of bright shoes you’ve been eyeing in your closet, or that shimmery clutch seems to be staring you down every time you grab a bag, make it part of your next outfit. You never know what it might do to your mood.

What I’m Wearing: Earrings by Rebecca de Ravenel (similar here), Jumper by Sézane (similar here), Trousers by Joseph (similar here and here), Bag by Lulu Guinness, Shoes by Gucci.


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