June 17, 2021

See Rare Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello Cuddly Quarantine Photo

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Shawn Mendes isn’t the type to post much about his relationship on Instagram, but this morning, the singer made an exception. Mendes posted a shot of him and Camila Cabello cuddly at home as they quarantine together in Los Angeles. She’s wearing an oversized Superman shirt (likely Mendes’), and he’s in a white tank and boxers. No one is wearing pants…at least visibly.

It’s an intimate shot, and one that makes you wonder who took it: an assistant, friend, family member, or self timer…

camila cabello and shawn mendes at home in quarantine


Mendes captioned the post simply: “reina 🦋” he wrote of his girlfriend of one year.

Mendes spoke earlier this month about how quarantine has changed his relationship with Cabello. To him, they’re practically one person now.

As he explained to SiriusXM’s Jim Ryan, “There was like a real time when she was doing her thing and then I was doing my thing and we were together, but like, also working separately and the quarantine brought us together and now we’ve kind of become one, where we’re doing our thing. And it’s really interesting how that dynamic changes when, especially when your girlfriend’s a writer and a musician and she’s incredible, you have two options. You can be really scared and intimidated or you can be like, ‘Oh, I should probably ask you for some help or like what you think.'”

With his new album Wonder, “I don’t know if she’s credited all over the album, but she should be because there was nobody during the time that was giving me more advice and encouragement to just stick to the way I felt about the music that I wanted to make, you know?” he added.

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