November 30, 2021

Pro Tips on Layering for Fall

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We’re in that in between fall phase in California.

One day you’re met with a chilly morning, incredibly hot afternoon, and chilly night. I never know exactly how to dress and investing in an all new fall wardrobe feels weird since we don’t really get a full fall experience here.

That doesn’t mean that I’m not trying to bust out some autumn essentials though. My friends at MatchesFashion asked me to put together a little post featuring a few favorites. By the way, if you aren’t familiar with MatchesFashion then please click here. I was talking to someone the other day who had never heard of it and I about fell over. MatchesFashion is one of my all time favorite places to shop!

What I’m Wearing: Loewe Basket Bag + New Balance Sneaker + Totême Sweater + Cat-eye sunglasses

Sarong >> Scarf

What I end up doing at the beginning of every fall is strive to use pieces in my closet that I already own to layer up with. You probably saw me wearing Totême Sarong a lot this summer. The colors are perfect for fall and this would make for an amazing scarf as a layering piece under a denim jacket or over a sweater.

Button Down Under Sweater

One of my all time favorite fall looks is wearing a classic white button down shirt underneath a sweater. This is especially great when you aren’t 100% sure what the weather will be doing that day. This way if it gets a little too warm you can take the sweater off and wear it around your shoulders. It’s a really strong preppy and cute look for fall.  I really, really love finding cute button downs to wear under sweaters that have a special collar. This one by Ganni is adorable! And I love this sweater!

Dress It Up

So, you have all of these adorable dresses in your closet for summer but now that the temps are dropping you don’t know what to do. Layer those girls UP! Find a sleeves dress like this one and pop a long sleeve shirt on underneath. You can also very easily throw a cropped sweater on over the dress like this one or this one to layer up those cute summer dresses you have.

My Only Fall Investment

Fall feels like such a brief transitional period that it feels weird to invest in too many pieces that scream fall. Well, at least that’s the case for Californians. For me, I usually only invest in one key jacket that I can toss on with a dressed down look like sneakers, or throw on over a dress. Something that’s versatile like this cropped jacket or this longer shell jacket.

More favorites for fall: Flutter Khaite Dress + Over the knee boots + Sea Removable Collar Cardigan Sweater + Sleeveless Sweater

Special thank you to MatchesFashion for partnering on this post.

xoxo jacey


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