July 25, 2021

OTB Group heads for carbon neutrality by 2030

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OTB Group recently presented its sustainability strategy “Be Responsible, Be Brave,” a structured program focused on specific goals it aims to achieve by the end of 2030 and which will involve all of its companies–Diesel, Maison Margiela, Marni, Jil Sander, Viktor & Rolf, Staff International and Brave Kid.

The strategy covers three main areas: safeguarding the environment, attention to the product and social commitment.

As high carbon emissions and heavy use of water and chemicals are characteristic of the fashion industry, the group’s goal on this front is a gradual reduction in emissions in order to become carbon-neutral by 2030, coupled with the aim to cut the use of chemicals and water in its industrial processes. OTB also intends to promote respect for land and marine biodiversity, minimize its carbon footprint and contribute to the regeneration of ecosystems.

Within this strategy the group’s core business aims to focus on offering innovative product with a high creativity content, durability, recyclability and traceability of garments and accessories, along with the use of responsible raw materials and industrial processes, and a careful life cycle management designed to recover value at every stage.

OTB’s responsibility toward all the players in the worldwide supply chain is felt by the group’s founder Renzo Rosso, who since the beginning has conveyed the importance of inclusivity and respect across every level of the organization as part of a responsible management approach. For these reasons, monitoring and improving working conditions and well-being are vital aspects for the group’s employees and for all the companies in its supply chain, which, since 2013, have benefited from the C.A.S.H. project, OTB’s financial support program providing its best suppliers with advance payment for supplies and access to concessional loans. In addition, the OTB Foundation is committed to the ongoing creation of a positive social impact in both the local and the global communities by supporting more than 250 social projects.

OTB’s sustainability strategy is the outcome of discussion and collaboration among all the group’s businesses, which took an active part in defining its objectives and focus and aims to contribute to the global effort to safeguard the planet, its ecosystems and society.



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