August 5, 2021

Opulent Multi-Metal Timepieces : URWERK UR-102 GAÏA

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The URWERK UR-102 GAÏA timepiece is a luxury accessory that combines multiple materials to achieve a posh aesthetic that is truly elegant and one-of-a-kind. The watch is crafted using both aluminum and platinum, and features an hour hand as the only indicator of the time instead of featuring the usual dial design. This gives it an abstract design that is unlike any other designs out there and is paired with a self-winding movement to keep it running with regular wear.

The URWERK UR-102 GAÏA timepiece is filled with a hand-applied glittering blue lacquer to create enhanced visual appeal and is finished with a sapphire crystal glass has been specially shaped to ensure a scratch-free design. The accessory is finished with a stark black bracelet to boot.


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