July 24, 2021

Octagonal 80s-Inspired Timepieces : G-SHOCK GA2100-1A1

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The G-SHOCK GA2100-1A1 timepiece is a premium accessory for consumers who are looking for a functional option that can easily switch between different activities throughout the day. The timepiece maintains an octagonal design that draws inspiration from the brand’s very first model from 1983 and features an all-black finish that gives it a stealthy touch. This gives the accessory a distinctly discreet aesthetic that can be easily dressed up or down to match the needs of wearers who lead fast-paced lifestyles.

The G-SHOCK GA2100-1A1 timepiece features an interchangeable resin strap to help wearers further customize its finish and features a refined case that holds the carbon core guard technology. The watch delivers water resistance to 200 meters and supports world time thanks to 31 timezones.


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