June 23, 2021

Nostalgic Wristwatch Reworks : The Reworks

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The Reworks by industrial designer Finn Magee are playful revamps of the classic Casio F-91W wristwatch. The initiative revitalizes the retro watches by using a combination of craft and industrial processes to upgrade the band and redesign the iconic watch face. In doing so, The Reworks watches can be worn once again for everyday use. Drawing on a DIY mentality, this redesign process pushes back against the wasteful nature of consumerism.

The Reworks are retooled and handcrafted by Finn Magee. Magee’s idea behind the watches was to redefine the Casio F-91W into something more positive given its historic links to global terrorism and anti-terrorism efforts. The Reworks are sold as an exchange service where old watches can be revamped or replaced.

Image Credit: Finn Magee


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