August 3, 2021

My Trip to Cabo in April

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I had a nice, big trip planned last year for Grant’s 40th birthday.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 had other plans for us, along with everyone, that involved cancelling.

So, this April {fully vaccinated and all} we were particularly looking forward to celebrating not only my birthday {April 17th} but an early birthday for Grant {May 4th} and what better place than our favorite place: Cabo!

While we have traveled to Mexico quite a bit, we’ve never stayed at the beloved, cult-favorite, One&Only Palmilla.

As people who love to travel, this hotel has been on our radar {and bucket list} for quite some time. And boy oh boy did it live up to the expectations. Here are a few of my favorite moments. Cheers to 38!


We spent a lot of the weekend relaxing by the beach. It’s so rare to be staying right on a swimmable beach in Cabo, so we definitely took in every second of that.

When we weren’t at the beach, we were by the pool eating the warm chocolate chip cookies. Not to be dramatic, but they changed my life. I also got the nachos poolside at least 3 times over the weekend. Also, life-changing. And again, not being dramatic.

I think my most favorite part of the trip had to have been the private cabana at the hotel {a close second was the outdoor “couples” massage Catt and I got}. They provide food, drinks, sunscreen – pretty much all the necessities to your very own poolside escape. Talk about luxury. I would highly recommend booking this if you’re with a small group of people.


Whether you’re traveling or still working up your post-Covid bucket list, Cabo is always a good idea, and I can now confirm the Palmilla is as well.

If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you go? And let me know if you have any questions about this trip in the comments below!

xoxo jacey


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