June 23, 2021

My Relationship With Therapy | Damsel In Dior

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It’s no secret that I am pro-therapy.

Hell I even have an entire “Mental Health” category on my blog. I used to be very ashamed of my struggles with ADHD and postpartum, but then I found that the more I talked about it the less alone I felt. Many of you have shared your stories and it truly helps to feel less isolating when you share.

I was first introduced to therapy in the 5th grade when I developed a fear of going to school. Without diving into the true ins and outs of everything, I later learned through my therapist that I was nervous something bad was going to happen to my parent’s while I was at school {we had a few deaths in the family that year}. Together with my therapist, we created a toolbox that I later used to conquer my fears.

Managing my mental health became a top priority later in life during my marriage. You’ll read more about this in my book, but in order to save my marriage and myself, I dove into a weekly session with my therapist and here I am six years later.

This is the longest, most consistent therapy I have done in my entire life and I’ve never felt better.

Even during my postpartum depression I felt as though I was able to handle it better because I had a support system in place.

Sadly, not everyone has this type of support in place. Which is why I am so proud to partner with Jo Malone London today. For almost 10 years, Jo Malone London has supported those struggling with mental health through their UK charity program, empowering people to recover, reconnect and grow. Today, they are extending their mission to North America with the launch of the White Lilac & Rhubarb candle.

For each White Lilac & Rhubarb Charity Home Candle sold in the U.S. between May 13, 2021 and May 13, 2022, Jo Malone London will donate 70% of the purchase price, less tax, to Fountain House, a leading mental health organization that empowers people to live and thrive in society. The donation will support the growth and expansion of the Fountain House youth initiative and College Re-Entry program, helping students achieve their educational and vocational goals.

xoxo jacey


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