June 17, 2021

My New Favorite Outfit from Amazon

1 min read

You know my favorite thing to do is scour Amazon for new favorites.

Unsurprisingly, I found a full outfit I am drooling over. Each of these pieces is a staple on its own, but I also love how they all work together. I am almost certain you have seen me wear these shades before. They are hands down one of my best Amazon purchases ever. The other items are a little newer though and I think you will be just as obsessed as I am.

The perfect pair of linen shorts is a must have, and I am loving the length and shape of these. Paired with a simple black tee and little pair of heels for that perfect contrast between laid back and a little elevated.

These shoes are also so similar to a pair by Chanel. Take a peak here for a whole slew of the best designer pieces for less.

And click here for my Amazon Storefront with all my faves in one place!

xoxo jacey


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