June 17, 2021

Maisonette x Stoney Clover Lane collection

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Maisonette, the luxury independent children’s clothes and decor brand, recently joined forces with Stoney Clover Lane, the go-to accessories brand, to launch the highly anticipated Maisonette x Stoney Clover Lane collection. The new capsule makes use of the on-trend colorway pattern, tie dye, in classic Stoney Clover Lane silhouettes. The series includes the Classic Backpack, Mini Backpack, Classic Tote, and Small Pouch. Additionally, the pair are also introducing (for the first time) a Mini Fanny Pack that boasts a smaller strap, making it perfect for children.

The Maisonette x Stoney Clover Lane collection is now available to purchase online from Stoney Clover Lane with prices ranging from $78 to $198. The new capsule will appeal to Millennial and Gen Z consumers seeking a vibrant addition to their wardrobe.

Image Credit: Stoney Clover Lane


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