May 11, 2021

Lovecraft Country Season 2 News, Release Date, Cast, and Spoilers

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There are new worlds to explore—quite literally—in the genre-hopping Lovecraft Country, the HBO series that applies supernatural horrors to Jim Crow America. With so much left to uncover, and a season finale rapidly approaching, fans are curious if showrunner Misha Green will diverge further from her source material, the 2016 novel by Matt Ruff. If so, might that open the door for a second season?

Let’s just say, the odds are looking good. The cast are enamored with the show (and one another). The producers, including J.J Abrams and Jordan Peele, are invested. And while critical responses ranged from glowing to lukewarm, viewership is strong—according to The Hollywood Reporter, Lovecraft Country debuted to “Watchmen-like ratings,” a good sign given Watchmen’s critical success and recent Emmy wins. With all this in mind, here’s what we know about a Lovecraft Country Season 2.

There’s much more material to work with.

In early August, Green spoke with HBO about adapting the series. “We essentially used the book as a beautiful jumping-off point,” she said. “My strategy was to take all of its dope, cool stuff and write new dope, cool stuff.” Of course, that’s a reference to the moments season 1 went beyond the book. But could it mean a willingness to expand beyond a single season, too?

In addition, Ruff’s novel is a collection of eight different stories. Several have already been incorporated into the show in some way—hello, Book of Names—but others have yet to make an appearance, meaning there’s more to work with in future episodes.

The finale promises to be a jaw-dropper.

Although the final episode has yet to air, we’d recommend you hunker down and prepare yourselves for a major cliffhanger. Jurnee Smollett, who plays Letitia, recently appeared on Deadline’s New Hollywood Podcast to talk about the show, and she dropped a few juicy hints about the last episode.

“When I think about what Misha has done in 10 [episodes]—it’s wrong, actually,” she said, laughing. “It’s quite cruel. Where she’s taking everyone with your emotions, I apologize in advance.” When asked for one word to describe the finale, she said, “Shocking. It’s so unbelievable that [Green] went there.”

Sure, Green might be looking to end her run with Lovecraft Country on a high note, but the likelier possibility is she’s setting up an even bolder second season. That’s how Smollett’s interpreting it, anyway. “I mean, it would be so wrong to folks, the way episode 10 ends, to not do another season,” she told Deadline. “But listen, it’s not up to me. It’s up to the suits.”

Unfortunately, there’s not much else we know yet.

Because HBO hasn’t made an official announcement about season 2 yet, we’re left in limbo, waiting to learn the fates of our favorite characters. There’s also no way to predict a release date for the next chapter; COVID-19 has made sure of that. Perhaps worst of all, we don’t yet know who will survive the season finale—and who might be serendipitously resurrected.

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