May 13, 2021

Levi’s wants to launch its ’most sustainable’ collection ever

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For fall/winter Levi’s launches several products with a sustainable and circular approach including a garment that the US brand calls ’its most sustainable jean ever’ featuring Circulose.


Circulose by Re:newcell
Within its Wellthread line Levi’s introduces a new material made of organic cotton and Circulose.
Circulose consists of sustainably sourced viscose comprised of 50 percent recycled content from old jeans and is developed by Swedish textile innovator Re:newcell.
For the production of Circulose, Re:newcell converts discarded cotton textiles, such as discarded denim jeans, through a process similar to that used to produce recycled paper.

Levi's Red Tab Wellthread jeans featuring Circulose

Levi’s Red Tab Wellthread jeans featuring Circulose

The incoming fabric waste is dissolved with water into small particles. The color is then removed from these materials by environmentally friendly bleaching, Re:newcell explains. After synthetic fibers have been removed, the sludge-like mixture is dried, the excess water is removed and a layer of Circulose remains. This layer is then processed into a viscose fiber, which is combined with cotton and woven into a new fabric.
The fabric will be used for the Levi’s 502 model for men and the High Loose model for women.

Cottonized Hemp
The US denim brand also introduces Cottonized Hemp to the Levi’s Red Tab collection.
Cottonized Hemp is made from hemp yarn, which shall feel and look like cotton due to a special treatment, but uses less water and pesticides during cultivation, as Levi’s explains.
It will be used for the indigo-colored High Loose model. The latter is a new fit for ladies’ and one of the first women’s models in Levi’s Red Tab collection to be made from this fabric.

Levi's new High Loose model using Cottonized Hemp

Levi’s new High Loose model using Cottonized Hemp


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