August 3, 2021

June’s 2nd Birthday | Damsel In Dior

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I know I’ve probably said this a hundred times but I cannot believe I have a two year old.

My oh my how time flies! We didn’t go super huge last year for her first birthday {Covid was on the horizon} nor could we go really “big” this year. But that didn’t take away from the fun and joy we had in planning her birthday. June is ob-sessed with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show and all things Minnie, so I wanted to go for a chic themed party for her.

I came across a cute decor idea on Pinterest which I used as inspiration for June’s 2nd birthday party. Mind you, we had 5 people total at this “party” which consisted of the two grandma’s and June’s cousin.

June had a BLAST. She absolutely loved the bounce house from Wedding Jumpers and is still playing with all of her elegant balloons by PopFestCo. They have their own Etsy shop where you can score balloon kits for your very own party!

Between June’s screams over the bounce house, her saying “Happy Birthday” all day and blowing out her candle like a big girl, it was a day I will never forget!


I DIY’d the floral Minnie Mouse decor using a Floral Arrangement Kit + 2 Small Embroidery Hoops and 1 Large Embroidery Hoop + Fishing Line to hang. I had no idea what I was doing and just kind of took a “wing it” approach.




White Table Cloth // 2 Cake Topper // Cake Stands // 3-Tier Cake Stand // Mouse Ears // Gold Paper Plates, Cups and Flatware // Custom Party Cups & Napkins from Etsy // Oh Twodooles Banner

xoxo jacey


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