September 16, 2021


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As we have already announced in recent days and weeks: We have big plans for our media brands! Tomorrow SPORTSWEAR INTERNATIONAL becomes The SPIN OFF!

Of course this doesn’t just happen easily; it took us a lot of thinking and even more brainstorming until we were satisfied with our new product.
Now it’s (almost) done: Today our website and our social media platforms are still in the usual outfit.
But from tomorrow, January 26, 2021, will start, first on all our digital channels! 
To make the change more transparent, we have compiled the FAQs about the farewell of SPORTSWEAR INTERNATIONAL and the new start of The SPIN OFF.
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About The SPIN OFF*
(*But Were Afraid to Ask)

Did I get this right: there’s no SPORTSWEAR INTERNATIONAL anymore?
Yes, the issue that dropped last October was in fact the last issue of SPORTSWEAR INTERNATIONAL as you know it. That goes also for our website, which will run only until tomorrow, January 26. But there’s something new to come tomorrow!

Hold on… Why do you stop a magazine after more than 45 year that was until today THE source for the denim and sportswear community?
Because we feel it is time for something new. As everything around us is changing, currently more and faster than ever, so are we. An ever-changing world needs a new medium. And who doesn’t like a little fashion refresh every so often?

OK, got it. So there’s a new magazine coming?
YES! The fashion show goes on! Only different, better–and much more progressive!

What’s the title and what is it all about?
Our new magazine is called The SPIN OFF, and it’s the international fashion magazine for contemporary essentials, progressive products and real style. With it comes a new website,, which will go live on Tuesday, January 26.
Btw, on our new website we will feature an e-paper teaser of the first print issue that will give a first impression of the printed version.

Inside The SPIN OFF... Check out the e-paper teaser tomorrow online...

Inside The SPIN OFF… Check out the e-paper teaser tomorrow online…

Can you tell a bit more about the key topics of The SPIN OFF?
The SPIN OFF reports comprehensively and progressively about concepts, brands, trends and products that are sustainable.

But isn’t sustainability such an overused topic?
We think it is the most pressing challenge of our times. Also, the way we understand sustainability is much more than just talking about “green” fashion. The SPIN OFF sees sustainability as a topic with many facets affecting the fashion industry as well as consumer fashion trends.

So if it’s not only about eco fashion and green production, what topics does The SPIN OFF cover?
The SPIN OFF sees the bigger picture. The topics–be it in print or on our digital channels–will include the desire to discover nature and the outdoors, the passion for quality, true heritage and passion for products, the finest fabrics, tradition and craftsmanship, the urge to care for your health, well-being and body through sports, inclusion and diversity, the revival of vintage and pre-loved fashion, recycling and upcycling, and also the opportunities that new technologies and intelligent fabrics and fibers offer. It’s about innovation, progress and Modernity. Or as we put it in the subtitle: It’s about “Modern. Matters.”

Who are the protagonists in The SPIN OFF then?
The SPIN OFF will give a voice to the influencers and pioneers, to the designers and retailers, to the entrepreneurs and developers that have the biggest impact on this modern and sustainable lifestyle that affects all of us.

What will all this look like?
The SPIN OFF serves as a visual trend book for brands of the international fashion community. It will be very visual, we will run our own produced photo shoots in each issue, together with profiles, reports and features of PEOPLE, RETAIL, BRANDS, TRENDS and FABRICS that our well-experienced and known editors and authors consider the most relevant.

Who is The SPIN OFF’s audience?
Of course, we hope everyone will be inspired and informed by The SPIN OFF… With its Europewide distribution and through its print and digital channels The SPIN OFF mainly addresses a B2B readership of fashion professionals, buyers, retailers and designers.

Who stands behind The SPIN OFF?
While the core team remains the same, The SPIN OFF becomes–as a title in its own right–an integral part of the leading German B2B fashion publication TextilWirtschaft and as such is a part of dfv Media Group’s fashion portfolio. The SPIN OFF expands the existing portfolio. We are proud to be a part of this family: Because with its various B2B media brands in all different kinds of business and industry areas, dfv Media Group is a key player in the European B2B media world.

Just to get it right: the new website already starts tomorrow…?
Exactly. The new website starts tomorrow, the first newsletter of will be sent on Wednesday, January 27.
Just as before, together with users will receive our newsletter Monday through Friday or can follow us on our social media channels.

What about print?
The first printed issue of The SPIN OFF will be published March 18; three more issues will follow during 2021, in June, August and October.

As mentioned earlier, on our new website we will feature an e-paper teaser of the first print issue that will give a great first impression.

Sounds excellent. And there’s really no SPORTSWEAR INTERATIONAL anymore?
Nope, not for now… But for those who mourn the name SPORTSWEAR INTERNATIONAL: a little bit of it can be found with the first four letters in SP(ortswear)IN(ternational) OFF…

Look forward to tomorrow and give a warm welcome to:

If there are any questions that we could not answer here, please send an email to The SPIN OFF’s Executive Editor Sabine Kühnl,



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