June 25, 2021

Everything I Ordered from Amazon in October

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I actually didn’t end up spending so much on my Amazon orders this month compared to last.

Outside of our Halloween costumes and a few misc. items, it was a lighter month overall Click here to view all of my Amazon favorites blog posts and please be sure to leave a comment if you scored something sweet to share.

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On Running Sneakers

Okay, this is hands down my newest and most favorite purchase. I am obsessed with these sneakers that my bestie recommended. She said they’re blowing up on the east coast and are selling out quick. I hesitated at first, but once I put them on my feet I seriously cannot take them off.

Deep V-Neck Sweater

I am obsessed with this cozy sweater by Cupcakes and Cashmere. I’m wearing it in the feature image. Move quick, they’re almost sold out.

Natural Fiber Bristle Brush

I have officially moved away from a kitchen sink sponge and am hereby a bristle brush user. It feels cleaner and definitely looks cuter!

Rubbermaid Food Storage

I’m a sucker for a good food storage solution. You should see my fridge. Everything, and I mean everything, has a container. I don’t know why but it just makes me feel good.

Silk Satin PJ’s

These luxe pajamas truly do feel amazing, but they won’t break the bank. I strongly suggest getting them as a holiday gift this year.

New Socks

I’m going through a big sock phase and I’m excited to pair these with my sneakers and jeans this fall season.

Holiday Book for June

I’m already trying to find little ways to bring some holiday magic into the house and I thought I’d get this cute little book for June. She just learned the word “mouse.”

xoxo jacey


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