May 11, 2021

E-Ink Display Smartwatches : Leitners Ad Maiora

1 min read

The Leitners ‘Ad Maiora’ hybrid smartwatch is a high-quality connected accessory for users who are looking for a way to make the shift away from analog timepieces towards tech-focused alternatives. The timepiece is characterized by its hybrid design that will look and function just like a conventional watch when worn on the wrist, but will reveal a range of connected functionalities when required. This is thanks to advanced technology within to track sleep, activity and relay notifications from a smartphone directly to the user’s wrist.

The Leitners ‘Ad Maiora’ hybrid smartwatch features a full-dial E-Ink display that will allow users to enjoy an expansive viewing experience, which is different from other similar options on the market that only have a very small digital display.


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