June 17, 2021

Contactless Payment Timepieces : Winwatch ‘MuchBetter’

1 min read

The Winwatch ‘MuchBetter’ timepiece is a high-quality watch that will deliver robust performance for wearers who are looking for a way to keep time without losing sight of style or connectivity.

The watch is powered by an ETA Swiss chronograph movement and boasts a triple sub-dial design that will easily track multiple time aspects for intuitive functionality. The watch maintains a monochromatic finish that is only deviated from by the vibrant orange second hand to create just a touch of visual intrigue for wearers to appreciate.

The Winwatch ‘MuchBetter’ timepiece is priced at $305 and also features a payment chip within that’s powered by MasterCard to allow users to easily make wireless transactions without the need for a physical card.


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