May 9, 2021

Chic Playroom Inspiration | Damsel In Dior

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It’s funny how when you have a toddler your needs and wants change so drastically.

There is an extra bedroom in our upstairs that we made into a makeshift guest room and playroom. I think we originally intended for this room to be an office/guest room but when June took off with walking she craved a space to make a complete mess of her own. We’ve also been spending a lot, lot more time in here since June isn’t able to take any classes per our fears of Covid-19.

The room is kind of a hodge-podge of toys, a play table and play mats, but we never quite committed to the design of the space. However, we want to center the new design around June’s favorite Milton & Goose kitchen. And because it’s where June spends nearly all of her time during the day, we are finally going to commit to decorating the space specifically for June.

We also intend to eventually make this her big girl room and move the guest bedroom to June’s room once she’s a bit older so this feels like a natural progression.

As I was pulling together some inspiration, I thought I would share some ideas. I found it very difficult to find elevated playrooms that don’t scream bright colors. Once I get a few finishing touches on the space, I’ll do a full reveal of the room!

Kitchen & House Shelf

Because we already have the Milton & Goose stove {which June loves by the way}, the above image really appealed to me as a way to store June’s books. I love this House Shelf by Milton & Goose because I feel like it’s more of an art piece for the room with a storage option. Do any of you have this?

June’s Play Table

We absolutely love June’s new play table that Lalo sent. She is constantly working on her coloring books and puzzles and when friends come over to visit, they enjoy snack time at the table which is just adorable. It’s the perfect height for her and it doesn’t slip.

Comfy Chair

Our biggest issue in June’s room right now is that there isn’t a great spot for adults to comfortably sit that’s also equally comfortable for June. I came across Emily Henderson’s blog which raved about this chair. We have about 6 of these straw flat seats that I love scattering around the house which also serves as an amazing seating (or table) option for when we are playing with June.

More Inspiration

What I’m Ordering

Dune Rug by Jenni Kanye + Leather Catch All for Ottoman + Lanna Sheepskin +House Shelf by Milton & Goose + Sixpenny Neva Chait & Ottoman + Floating Book Shelf

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