August 3, 2021

Adidas joins forces with Fear of God

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With his high-end streetwear label Fear of God, Jerry Lorenzo has made a name for himself in recent years. Now Fear of God under the reign of the Los Angeles-based designer is teaming up with Adidas–and changes teams: because in the past two years, sports giant Nike was Fear of God’s collab partner for apparel and sneakers.

This new partnership with Adidas involves two areas: firstly, the redesign of the Adidas Basketball division, and secondly, the launch of the new Fear of God Athletics sub-label as an addition to the existing Fear of God main line and Fear of God’s Essentials line of basics. The first results of the collabo are expected in 2021.

“The alliance challenges and exists beyond traditional collaboration–and is the truest and most honest form of both personal and business relationship. […] The new pillar will focus on performance basketball and active lifestyle products that complete Fear of God’s triune nature and compliments the brand’s other two pillars, Essentials and Fear of God’s luxury mainline,” it says in an official statement by Adidas.

Look of Fear of God's Essentials line

Look of Fear of God’s Essentials line

“Adidas and Fear of God share the same dream for the future of basketball, on and beyond the court, and we look forward to changing the face of the industry through a new model that will unfold before us in the coming years,” comments Jerry Lorenzo.

“The global impact that Jerry Lorenzo and Fear of God has had on culture and the industry is undeniable. Jerry is a creative visionary and embodies a true expression of the entrepreneurial spirit today,” adds Brian Grevy, Adidas Executive Board Member responsible for Global Brands. “Jerry’s authentic connection to sport, deep understanding of the footwear industry and past, and ability to reinterpret heritage and visualize the future excites us. We look forward to working with him to inspire the next generation of basketball creatives, athletes and communities.”


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