August 3, 2021

A New Haircut And Tools To Style With

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Wyse London DressGucci Sneakers (high-top version here), Heritage Jewelry NY Necklace

I recently had my hair cut shorter than it’s been in quite a while, adding layers that frame my face and create more movement. My new style has inspired me to think even more about the health of my hair. I have extremely thick hair that tends to be on the dry side, and every winter, as soon as we start turning on the heat at home, my hair suffers from the additional dryness and static. So when it comes to styling tools, I’m always on the look-out for ones that can do the job as quickly and gently as possible, while keeping my hair strong, shiny, and breakage-free. This includes both the right hair tools and how to correctly use them.  With the right tools I’m able to create the look I want, from straight and simple, to vintage waves, to natural, loose curls, to wispy updos on any given day. I typically switch between my GHD Soft Curl to curl my hair (like in this post) and my Dyson Air Wrap for a more blown-out look. I try and let my hair air dry, but if I wash it in the morning and need to leave the house, I use my Dyson Blow Dryer. For styling, I keep it pretty simple with just some hair spray and my favorite wide tooth comb.

These hair clips are a great tool for dividing my hair into sections when styling, as well as to pull my hair back into a half-up style during the day.

I’ve tried many different hairsprays over the years and this one is my favorite for holding curls in place while creating a soft, workable finish.


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