May 13, 2021

6 Key Pieces for Parisian Style

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Don’t you just love Parisian style?

I always feel like I can quite pull it off perfectly but I definitely take some notes from French girl fashionistas when I’m styling any outfit. I think I’m a much more All-American kinda gal with a preppy touch to my Parisian style, but I wanted to share a few key pieces that inspired me to pull off sophisticated French girl style.

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1. Treasured Trench

French girls have a way with tossing on a trench coat like it’s as easy as applying mascara. It feels very unfussy and almost like an afterthought which I absolutely adore. Think of your trench coat as an added accessory to your outfit. // images borrowed from here


2. Fantastic Flats

In Paris you do a lot of walking which is why most French babes embrace a great pair of flats. Whether it’s a sleek pair of Chelsea boots of a simple black flat, a pair of flats is a must have in every fashion girls’ closet. // images from here

3. Minimalist Jewelry

You will hardly ever see a stylish French woman decked up and down with lots of jewelry. She wears a simple locket or one bracelet, but hardly ever does a full stack. // Images from here

4. Over The Shoulder Sweater

I am such a huge fan of this simple yet effective styling hack that I took from the French fashionistas. An oversized cable knit sweater will not only keep you warm but it acts as a jacket on chilly evenings. You can also easily pull this look off at home this holiday.

5. A Simple Clutch

Less is definitely more in France and you won’t find many girls carting around a huge tote around the city. Keep things super simple with a small black clutch. // Image from here

6. No Fuss Hair

One of my favorite things about French women is they don’t give a “you know what” about their hair. Okay, so they do genuinely care but they don’t fuss about having every little strand to be perfect. And if they are going to pull their hair back, they use a super simple clip and toss it up in the most effortless way possible.

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