January 26, 2021

What I Purchased from Amazon in June

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It’s officially summer!

I cannot believe how quickly time is flying by lately. This month I ordered more fashion pieces than usual. I’m trying to revamp my wardrobe slightly for the laid back summer that I’ll be having. I was in need a few new tops and I even scored a sweet pair of wedges.

Puffy Sleeve T-Shirt

You guys know how much I love a good puffy sleeve and this black t-shirt is designed perfectly! – Puffy Sleeve T-Shirt, $25

White Long Sleeve Dress

I’m always cold. That’s why I love a good long sleeve dress number. This is a great piece for summer. I do wish it was a touch longer, but I’m not planning on wearing heels too often this year so it works really well with sandals. I also love the tie around the waist that will hide my cheeseburger baby on days I eat a little too much – ha! – Long Sleeve Dress, $26

Another Straw Market Tote

I just can’t get enough straw totes for summer. I have a vision of hanging them all by the back kitchen door. This was is the perfect size for market runs and packing plenty of sunscreen for a beach day. I love it because it has a very french vibe to it. – Moroccan Straw Tote, $44

Ruffle Outfit for June

June is growing like a weed and now that it’s summer she is in desperate need of cooler shorts and tops. I adore this cute little yellow number that comes in various sizes and colors. – Baby Ruffle Top & Shorts, $14

More Whisps Cheese Crisps

What can I say? We are officially addicted. Use code 20Duprie for 20% off… you can thank me later 🙂 Whisps, $27

Square Neck Top

I was in need of some new tops so I also pulled the trigger on this square neck top. I love the fit, feels slimming, but I do wish the neck line was a touch lower. – Top, $30

Platform Wedge Sandals

Before I invest a ton of money on a designer trend, I like to find a more affordable option to make sure that it’s a style I’ll want to stick around for a while. I. am. obsessed with these summer sandals. I honestly love them so much and plan to wear them with shorts, dresses and even jeans this season. – Wedge Sandals, $40


I ordered three more copies of Untamed so I could give it to my girls. I loved this book so much that I keep going back to reference, highlight and re-read. I also ordered and have started to read The Next American Revolution.Untamed, $17 // The Next American Revolution, $20 


I’ve gotten all of my friends hooked on these single serving packets of sweet goodness. I love them because Grant can’t have cheese so when I’m looking for a quick little hit of dip or a spread for my pasta or taco’s, this hits the spot! – Velveeta Queso, $4

So that’s everything I ordered in June.

I am in need of a new blender – any good suggestions?

xoxo jacey


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