July 25, 2021

Weekday launches jeans made with Infinna fiber

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From the lab to the store: Last week saw the debut of a limited-edition jean model by Weekday, part of the H&M Group, made with the new sustainable textile regenerated fiber Infinna.

The 64 pairs of jeans offered via Weekday’s online shop are made with 50% organic cotton and 50% Infinna. The new fiber is created out of 100% textile waste. The scientific name for Infinna is cellulose carbamate fiber and has been introduced by Infinited Fiber Company, a specialized Finnish textile-fiber recycler, who developed the new product.

Weekday 'Rowe' fit made with Infinna

Weekday ‘Rowe’ fit made with Infinna

“Lots of different garments have been created with Infinna in the past to demonstrate how our regenerated textile fiber works in different fabric applications from T-shirts to hoodies to dress shirts to jeans. But these are the first garments that are available for anyone out there to purchase,” said Infinited Fiber Company’s key account director Kirsi Terho.

Infinna is said to have the soft and natural look and feel of cotton and is created out of 100% textile waste like, for instance, old clothes that would otherwise end up as pollution in landfills or be burned (because that’s what happens to most discarded textiles around the world).

The new fiber looks and feels like cotton because it bonds well with cotton, as both yarn and fabric. Its durability makes it a good blend for demanding applications like denim. It can be woven as a soft 100% Infinna denim, though alternative blends using 65% Infinna with cotton can also work out fine. Future tests will show whether an 80% Infinna blend might feel the same. In addition to denim, Infinna can be used for different fabrics and weaves like, for instance, single jersey, French terry, woven fabrics and printed wovens.

According to Infinited, Infinna is biodegradable and clothes made with it can be recycled again in the same process together with other textile waste as it is created out of cellulose, the building block of all plants. Any non-cellulosic materials in the raw material–such as polyester, elastane and dyes–are removed in Infinited Fiber Company’s process.

While the Infinna in Weekday’s jeans is made from textile waste, Infinited Fiber Company’s technology can also use and recycle other cellulose-rich waste streams–such as used cardboard or paper or wheat or rice straw–as its raw material.

Only 64 jeans of Weekday's Rowe jeans are made with Infinna.

Only 64 jeans of Weekday’s Rowe jeans are made with Infinna.

As for Weekday’s jeans, Infinna is used for the women’s fit, Rowe, and, like all the other Rowe jeans, they are priced at 500 Swedish krona (around €50), in keeping with the philosophy that sustainable shouldn’t be exclusive and have to become mainstream for maximum impact. 

“We’ve previously teamed up with actor Maisie Williams and co-designed a custom two-piece outfit made from 100% Infinna, […] This time around, we wanted to scale up this concept and give a wider audience the chance to choose circular design and created a limited edition of our most popular women’s jeans fit Rowe,” says Weekday head of design Anna Norling.




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