June 23, 2021

View Premium Selection: No. Munich Fabric Start & Bluezone: Yes.

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View Premium Selection in Munich cannot take place. This was announced today by the trade show organizer Munich Fabric Start. Despite the improved situation regarding Corona, the Bavarian government has extended the current ban on events beyond July 14, 2021, which also affects the fabric show planned for July 13 & 14: the authorities will not grant permission for the mid-July date.

“This decision hits us, as well as the entire industry, extremely hard after then almost a year without physical trade shows. However, it is irreversible. A permit and exemption for View was unfortunately not issued despite several follow-ups and a close exchange with the relevant authorities. We have invested a lot of work, effort and will in the preparations in order to position ourselves Covid-19 compliant and solution-oriented with the planned measures. Current developments and declining infection figures have further reinforced our planning. With this starting position, such a decision is doubly difficult to accept,” comments Sebastian Klinder, managing director, Munich Fabric Start.

In line with the Bavarian Ministry of State’s decree, the organizer now wants to focus on planning Munich Fabric Start from August 31 – September 02, 2021, as well as Bluezone from August 31 to September 01, 2021.

The aim is to present the familiar exhibitor portfolio at MOC Munich for the Fabrics, Additionals, Bluezone, Keyhouse, Design Studios, Sourcing, ReSource and Sustainable Innovations segments at Munich Fabric Start. Also at Bluezone, visitors can expect the proven spectrum of international denim weavers and manufacturers at the Zenith Areal, together with the newly staged innovation hub Keyhouse.


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