April 13, 2021

Toys my Toddler Loves {And Yours Will Too!}

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I cannot believe my little baby is almost 2 years old.

June is more active than ever before and super involved with toys and playtime. She’s started playing make believe with her tea sets and kitchen, loves jamming out on her new piano and adores her new slide. I have a few friends who recently asked me for new toy recommendations so I thought it’d be handy to put together a list for my fellow parent’s.

Feature image by Kim Genevieve for Mini Magazine

Colors & Shapes Eggs

My mom got June this for Christmas and she is so obsessed. It’s been great at helping to teach June her colors too! She has learned “purple” “verde” and “yellow!” Click here

Bubble Lawn Mower

I don’t know what it is about this thing but every kid that comes over to play is equally obsessed with this bubble making machine.

Roller Coaster

June love, loves her rollercoaster toy. I’m not gonna lie, it takes up a ton of space but it’s so worth it for endless hours of playtime.

Sidewalk Chalk

It’s the simplest, easiest toy and it can easily be taken anywhere. We draw circles and pathways on our sidewalk and June loves jumping from one to another and playing “follow the leader” inside the lines. Click here for chalk

Baby Shark ABC Toy

What can I say? Anything that plays music and involves baby shark and June is going to be a big fan. Click here

Building Blocks

An oldie but goodie toy that we’ve had for quite some time. June loves pouring out the blocks just as much as she loves building structures with them.

Color Sorting and Counting

This isn’t the exact version we have but the closest I could find. It has truly helped June with learning how to sort and count. I cannot recommend it enough!!

Peg Stacking Toy

Grant scored this toy a while ago and it’s one that we keep by the kitchen table for restlessness during meal times. June absolutely loves stacking up the towers and pushing them down.

Push Car

Saving the best for last. I swore I wasn’t going to be the mom that got one of these cheesy push cars, but June LOVES it. We actually keep ours in the house and push her all over. It’s fun!

What are some toys that your toddler loves? Please leave a comment below!

xoxo jacey


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