June 23, 2021

The Brands: Label to watch: Victoria/Tomas

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Founded in 2012, Victoria/Tomas is a French ready-to-wear brand and has long been known for artistically inspired fashion that mixes streetwear elements with classic looks in a very contemporary way. The two now married founders, Victoria Feldman and Tomas Berzins, have showed at Paris Fashion Week since the beginning and have been very well received.

Victoria Feldman and Tomas Berzins, founders/designers, Victoria/Tomas

Victoria Feldman and Tomas Berzins, founders/designers, Victoria/Tomas

In 2020, the two completely revamped their concept as part of the pandemic to make a statement against over-consumption in fashion. In doing so, the couple has remained true to their well-known style.

Women's looks by Victoria/Tomas

Women’s looks by Victoria/Tomas

Each model is now completely reversible and can thus be worn in two ways. The idea is to get two very different outfits with one garment. The new direction, first designed for the summer 2021-22 collection, is implemented in a very elaborate way: it’s not just about two different color alternatives, but a completely different style or even a completely different material. For example, a jacket that looks very simple on one side and can be worn in everyday life is covered with ruffled tulle, fringes or borders on the other side, creating a completely new look for parties or cocktail occasions.

Menswear by Victoria/Tomas

Menswear by Victoria/Tomas

The new collection orientation with the motto “buy less and have more” will continue in winter with 36 looks of mostly womenswear and is now to become the DNA of the brand, which is stocked by department stores such as Le Bon Marché and Harvey Nichols Hong Kong as well as specialty boutiques worldwide. In the course of this new sustainable orientation, another project was also created.

Upcycling home interior collection by Victoria/Tomas

Upcycling home interior collection by Victoria/Tomas

The two designers working in Paris also want to make better use of their fabric leftovers and have created a first upcycling home interior collection from them. There are around 20 different cushion models, the design of which is inspired by the highlight looks of previous fashion collections. Each model is available in a limited edition and will not be reissued. The designers assure that no new material was purchased for this home collection–not even for the filling.

Apparel prices range from €500 for pants to €700 for dresses.


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