June 22, 2021

The Brands: Label to Watch: +Three°°°

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+Three°°° (Three), is a newborn brand offering sustainable bags that debuted on April 22, 2021 for World Earth Day.

The project originates from the evolution of Amazonlife, a sustainably minded fashion accessory line founded in 2005. The brand was initially created with the aim to preserve the Amazon rainforest and its Seringueiros community specialized in working with natural rubber.

Entrepreneur Lorenzo Braccialini, former chief marketing officer of the historical Tuscan bag brand Braccialini, bought Amazonlife in May 2020, and started its revamping under a new name–Three–and concept. The new project is now financially backed by Braccialini, Guido Fienga, CEO of the soccer team Roma AS, and Pelletteria Fiorentina Montecristo as its productive and logistic pole.

The brand’s new name was inspired by a recent report by UNEP (United Nation Environment Program) that explains that by 2050 global warming will increase by more than 3 degrees Celsius, generating irreversible alterations in the global ecosystem like the desertification of some geographical areas, serious damaging weather events and huge population migrations.

Lorenzo Braccialini, CEO, Three

Lorenzo Braccialini, CEO, Three

Three also collaborates with EFI (Ethical Fashion Initiative), the UN’s ethical fashion program. EFI creates and manages ethical value chains for craftswomen who live in developing countries or that are facing conflicts. EFI also manages several emerging fashion brands from Africa, it abides by the UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion and follows a code meant to be respectful of human rights–as defined by ILO (International Labor Organization)–while aiming to lower their social and environmental impact.

Lorenzo Braccialini, CEO, Three, explained the aims of this new project.

What is the concept behind Three?
Three aims to launch collections based on a theme, consisting of a material and its related story. For each product’s release we will choose a different material, which will have a particular story to tell that is linked to at least one of our three pillars–ethical materials, recycled materials or of natural origins.

They can be materials coming from an ethical supply chain, like fabrics made by small producers who operate ethically, not only respecting the environment, but also respecting the people involved in its production. They can either be materials coming from recycling and reuse, for instance, materials obtained by recycling non-organic waste such as nylon obtained by recovering plastic from the oceans or reused fabrics; or alternatively, they can be of natural origin, like natural latex from rubber trees, nettle, bamboo, cotton, linen, jute and hemp.

Large tote bag by +Three°°°

Large tote bag by +Three°°°

The collections will revolve around a few basic models because the focus of the brand is on materials and our goal is to use 95% biodegradable products by the end of 2021. At the same time we want to offer pieces designed that last over time, also through the development of good practices of repairing and recycling products.

The same green criteria are also maintained in the printing phase, thanks to the use of certified colors, as well as the waterproofing of fabrics and finishing details by using natural waxes. Accessories such as buckles, rings, closures and zipper pulls are made entirely from recyclable and recycled aluminum or brass produced in Africa.

How many pieces does it offer?
It includes a limited number of pieces per collection. In the collection we have just launched, Native, each of the 500 pieces is made from rubber, a fabric made by the slow process of spreading natural rubber from trees in the Amazon rainforest onto an organic cotton fabric. The process follows an ancient traditional practice carried out by a small community, the Sereingueiros. The numbers of the next collections will be defined according to the availability of the material, while trying to make a responsible use of resources. Its retail prices will vary between €237 for the Mini Bag model to €285 for the Large Tote.

Are the bags certified?
Single products are not certified. We have requested a specific EPD (declaration of the environmental performance) based on their LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), technical methods able to evaluate the environmental footprint of the product’s entire lifecycle, from the extraction of raw materials until its end of life–from cradle-to-cradle. On the other hand, almost all the raw materials we use are certified, as is packaging.

Where is the brand sold and through which channels?
Currently, it is sold through our e-commerce. Soon it will be distributed through a network of selected multilabel stores and international e-tailers. The initial focus is to sell it Italy and Europe. Then we will start expanding in Japan, the US and Korea.


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