June 23, 2021

The Brands: Label to Watch: Polypop

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Irem and Sinan Kuzer had a dream in their drawer and finally made it come true. Polypop is the name of the brand they dreamed of and it aims to express their creativity, but also give voice to very different subcultures while offering eco-friendly products that can also help people facing difficulties live better. Sinan recently shared the lowdown on it….

When was your brand born?
It was technically founded in 2015, but its name and the idea behind it has been alive longer. It was like a small project, but in 2015 we decided to make Polypop become a streetwear brand that offers concept collections and design clothes that have a story to tell. It is entirely made in Turkey apart from specific collaboration projects.

Who founded it?
My wife Irem, and I founded and own the brand. Both of us design the collection, the concept and the pieces. Our small team–that we call the Polypop Family–works on our ideas to transform them into products.

Irem and Sinan Kuzer, co-founders, Polypop

Irem and Sinan Kuzer, co-founders, Polypop

What is the main inspiration behind it?
Polypop’s name has Greek origins as “Poly” means “many” in old Greek.
We believe in the importance of diversity in large communities and in alternative subcultures and we are against any kind of codes and norms that create stereotypes or stereotyped societies.
Polypop basically means that each person can create their own “pop” culture, instead of following artificial rules that mainstream culture imposes.
Through this brand we create story-based concept collections. The latest one we called “Unite” includes a selection of pieces that underlines the importance of individuality for strongly built communities.

Why can we consider Polypop as an eco-friendly brand?
Since day one, we have been working to create a brand that helps to create a sustainable environment by both offering eco-friendly products and helping people facing difficulties living better.

Referring to the sustainability aspect, we built up a production chain which helps us to use 100% of the raw materials without creating any waste as all unused materials, pieces and trash are taken by a local company for recycling and be used again. Moreover, all the raw materials and accessories we use for the collection and its packaging are recyclable. Also key is the fact that we make long-lasting and durable pieces to be worn for years.

Unisex looks by Polypop

Unisex looks by Polypop

What about your community aspect?
Speaking of people and the community aspect, we care about our production team as we consider them as part of our family.
All the small businesses and everybody involved in our supply chain are treated and paid fairly as, like in a domino effect, we should all care first about creating a sustainable environment for our supply chain.
We have also just started the new platform “I Am” that we will use for sharing stories and works of people from our community through which they can let their voice be heard.
We also support the minorities who are facing poverty in Turkey; we send them goods from our production and toys for their kids. Along with it caring for sustainability is key as, if every individual, brand, or small community cares about who is around them, the global scale community gets stronger.

Which pieces does Polypop offer?
The essential pieces included in almost all of our collections are T-shirts, sweatshirts, jogger pants and accessories such as hats and socks. In every launch we add special items such as shirts, windbreakers or raincoats, outdoor fleece tops produced with different garments and textures. We sometime also launch limited edition products that are usually in part made as collaborations with local communities and in part with brands.
For example, we created a graphic that we called “Ambition Elixir” and is designed as a mystic elixir which can boost anyone’s ambition. We also collaborated with a Slovenian local craft beer brand and launched a specially made limited edition of 300 bottles of beer. We have also launched a very limited edition of skateboard decks together with a Slovenian brand that makes handcrafted boards.

Jacket by Polypop

Jacket by Polypop

How often do you offer new collections?
Since our brand’s early days, we wanted to create our own brand and only offer what we really wanted to do and nothing else. It is part of the advantages of running your own business. That’s why we are not following any rules or rhythms in releasing new collections. We launch and share new pieces whenever we feel it is the right time. Our latest drop was our fourth concept collection since 2015. Usually, each collection includes 8-20 pieces. Our latest release was the first drop of our new collection, which includes three different products–a hooded shirt, cotton jogger pants and windbreakers–for a total of 12 different variants.

How is Polypop sold?
We sell worldwide through our website polypopbrand.com mostly Europewide. Before Covid-19, we had opened our first flagship store in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and were about to open our second one in Amsterdam, but due to the pandemic and its restrictions, we decided to close all of our brick-and-mortar stores. We are planning to open some pop-up stores in selected European cities by spring 2022.

What are your prices?
They range from €8 for smaller accessories such as hats, socks or pins, up to €30 for T-shirts, and €50-€80 for sweatshirts. High-tech products such as raincoats, special shirt models, or outdoor fleeces cost between €80 and €120. Limited edition pieces can have different prices with most expensive items costing €150.


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