August 3, 2021

The Brands: Label to Watch: Cotte D’Armes

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New York–based denim brand Cotte D’Armes is all about sustainable and unisex denim. The label’s creative director and owner, Clarence Ruth, aims to produce a core collection that is truly unique and not solely based on trending fashion. Cutout details, unexpected seams and patches are what make his designs interesting and even challenging. About 80% of the collection is pure denim and 70% of the denim used is upcycled fabric. The non-denim pieces employ cotton, wool and leather. Retail prices range from $395 to $1,200.

Although it’s designed to be unisex Cotte D’Armes does use traditional men’s and women’s sizes with the open mindset of wearing the size that’s most comfortable. Ruth says that some women gravitate toward oversized men’s fits while some of his male customers prefer to buy and wear women’s sizes to get a more fitted, close-to-the-body look.

Look by Cotte D'Armes

Look by Cotte D’Armes

For now, Cotte D’Armes offers limited edition drops only. The idea is to surprise customers with scheduled drops of one item at a time throughout the season until the whole collection is released.

In his newest ad campaign, Ruth uses the denim jacket to represent the past, present and future of the industry. He took something familiar and reintroduced it as something with new functions.

In addition to designing fashion Ruth has launched a book, Colors De La Runway, and created fun and colorful artworks. His book teaches kids colors through fashion through his art the designer creates a medium to “discuss modern social issues and the importance of human connection.”

Colors de la Runway, book by Cotte D'Armes designer Clarence Ruth

Colors de la Runway, book by Cotte D’Armes designer Clarence Ruth


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