July 24, 2021

The Best Hello Kitty Beauty Products of 2020

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hello kitty starface collection


Hello Kitty and I have the same blood type. If you’re wondering, “why do you know this, Margaux?” The answer should be obvious: I’m obsessed (like, really obsessed) with the world that Sanrio has spent over 40 years building around London-living Kitty White (that’s Hello Kitty’s given name).

My kitchen is very kawaii—that’s because my pink-and-white appliances are in the shape of Hello Kitty, and the finished products look like her, too. For starters, my toaster imprints her face on each piece of gluten-free toast and my cupcakes are molded into her likeness. In my bedroom, I have HK sheets, my bathroom towels are a nod to queen Kitty, and my closet is filled with items including the Lazy Oaf x Hello Kitty overall dress, underwear, socks, tops—you name it, I’ve got it.

Finally this year, my girl HK has made her way into my makeup bag. Below, shop seven brands that are making my daily routine a whole lot cuter.

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Hello Kitty Green Tea Holiday Kit

The brand’s classic Green Tea line get’s upgraded with a Hello Kitty cleansing brush. This handheld version is a great replacement for your Clarisonic (R.I.P) and is small enough to bring along when traveling. 

Big Hello Kitty

Big Yellow meets Kitty White for pimple protectors that are so cute you might… well, wear them even when you aren’t breaking out. These hydrocolloid patches at my must-have to shrink a zit (seriously, place one overnight, or wear it all day long on Zoom calls) within hours.

Protective Face Masks

The Crème Shop


Staying safe has never looked cuter with these disposable face masks (don’t forget to cut the ear ties when you’re finished!). 

Hello Kitty Large Pouch

Stoney Cloverlane


Where’s the best place to safely store your ColourPop,  Starface, and Crème Shop products? In this Stoney Cloverlane cosmetics bag, of course. The brand has a full collab with Hello Kitty, including a duffle bag that’s almost too pure to be brought on any airplane, ever. 

Hello Kitty LED Vanity Mirror



On your vanity, in your bathroom—wherever you have the space for this Hello Kitty-shaped mirror will instantly be a little more kawaii. 


Hello Kitty 600 Instant Camera



So it’s not exactly beauty, but who wouldn’t want to document all of their HK adventures on this vintage-inspired Polaroid camera. 

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