September 16, 2021

The 5 Biggest and Boldest Hair Trends To Try This Winter 2020

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What are you going to do with your hair this winter? It’s time to switch it up, and we are very much here to help! Chris Appleton, celebrity hairstylist to Kim Kardashian-West, JLO, and Dua Lipa, chose the five biggest hair trends this winter. Is now the time you get curtain bangs? Or maybe it’s time to give yourself a bombshell blowout for all your Zoom calls? Choose your adventure below!

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Curtain Bangs

Unless you’ve had your (curtain) bangs in your eyes, you’ve probably seen this hair trend on your favorite celebrities like Lucy Boynton, Camila Cabello, and J.Lo. “We did curtain bangs on J.Lo a few weeks ago, and people loved them,” explains Appleton. “I think they are also an easy way to give hair a fresh look without having to style it too much, which is what people are looking for right now, especially being on Zoom calls all day.”


The Bombshell

Big and bouncy hair is back! The Bombshell Look™ is reserved for red carpets no more. “People want to bring life and soul back into their house, he says. “They want the fun, bouncy, and beautiful hair.”


Cool Carmel

Looking for ways to lift your spirits? Appleton suggests going lighter and adding a bit of brightness. If J.Lo can’t convince you, take notes from Kylie Jenner or big sister Kim Kardashian-West, who has also gone lighter in quarantine.


The Bob is Back

Feeling the urge for a big chop? It’s always the perfect time for a bob. Appleton recommends investing in two key products if you’re going to go for it. The Color Wow Dream Coat and Leandro Limited Carbon Infused Dryer. “Color Wow Dream Coat is by far my favorite product because it creates a silky smooth texture regardless of humidity perfect for the bombshell or bob,” he says. “The Leandro Limited Carbon Infused Dryer reduces frizz and static and leaves hair super shiny, this is great for styling curtain bangs or a bob.”


Embrace Your Curls

Quarantine is all about being your most free self and your hair is no different. “People are also embracing their natural texture and being free,” he says. “They want that wavy, loose, carefree look.” Appleton suggests the Color Wow Pop And Lock because it adds shimmer to your hair and leaves the hair super shiny.

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