October 22, 2021

Swiss-Made Watch Cleaning Kits : watch cleaning

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The Max Wilsdorf watch cleaning ChronoPen is an all-in-one tool for timepiece enthusiasts that will provide them with a way to keep their favorite accessories in tiptop shape.

The tool is constructed with a soft brush head outfitted with a series of extra-fine bristles and filled with 30ml of Swiss-made cleaning solution that has been specially formulated for use on high-end timepieces. The unit will thus scrub away dirt, dust and debris from all sections of the accessory in as little time as possible without having to worry about harsh chemicals or abrasions.

The Max Wilsdorf watch cleaning ChronoPen is suited for safe use on gold, stainless steel, bronze, platinum, ceramic and carbon fiber materials, while also approved for rubber, diamond and sapphire crystal.


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