January 23, 2021

Supercar-Inspired Timepieces : AVENTI A-10

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The AVENTI A-10 watch is a high-end timepiece for aficionados that takes supercar design into account to deliver an aggressive, sporty experience for wearers to appreciate. Designed by Hannu Siren, the timepiece features a premium Tourbillon that’s visible through the dial to add visual intrigue for wearers to admire each day when checking the time. The watch comes in eight color options as well as a pure sapphire crystal version that looks more like a rare gem than just a timepiece.

The AVENTI A-10 watch features a high-end movement within that is an improved variation of the Calibre 3450 Skeletonized Tourbillon Movement thanks to a partnership with Hong Kong-based PTS Resources to help develop the components.

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