July 25, 2021

Supercar-Inspired Luxury Watches : Atowak Ettore

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Atowak Ettore offers two styles of luxurious supercar-inspired watches. The beautifully crafted yet affordable watches feature the complexity of wandering hour timepieces. Characterized by their high performance, the Atowak Ettore watches boast sophisticated, savvy, and tech-forward designs.

The Ettore Drift watch has four arms to create a wandering hour display. Using 12 indicators that work in synchronicity with the four arms, the Drift watch uses features typically only seen in luxury and costly watches. The goal is to increase accessibility to this style of timepiece. In addition, the Drift resembles the elegance of a race track and lights up in the dark with a Swiss Super LumiNova coating. The Ettore Lite model differs from its counterpart, boasting a retrograde style with no wandering arm.

Image Credit: Atowak Watch


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