October 19, 2020

Space Journey-Inspired Timepieces : DW5600NASA20

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G-SHOCK honors NASA with its latest timepiece launch in the form of the ‘DW5600NASA20’ — it is a custom iteration of the brand’s DW5600 design. It celebrates NASA’s history of exploring space and the life-changing discoveries that were made through its heritage.

The timepiece is complete in a white base foundation with red details in the form of the NASA logo over the face. There is a print of the American flag on the band with the additional “National Aeronautics and Space Administration” branding. The case back is adorned with an engraving shapes like the moon before it is packaged in a custom theme with a view of the Earth from space. The tin that holds the watch resembles the look of a space vehicle.

Image Credit: G-SHOCK

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