June 25, 2021

Space Exploration Timepieces : Undone SpaceXplorer

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The UNDONE ‘SpaceXplorer’ timepiece is a high-fashion accessory that aims to pay homage to the 2014 SpaceX Dragon V2 spacecraft and provide avid fans of space exploration with a way to enhance their personal style. The timepiece is expertly crafted with a number of design features that call to mind SpaceX components including their spacesuits; the accessory is even hermetically sealed in order to withstand five atmospheric pressure changes. “Of Course I Still Love You” is engraved onto the rear casing to call to mind a quote from Iain M. Banks that is also found on the landing pad for the SpaceX autonomous drone ship.

The Undone ‘SpaceXplorer’ timepiece is limited to a mere 300 examples and has design that would likely be admired by Elon Musk himself.


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