August 5, 2021

Sleek Self-Charging Timepieces : Sequent Titanium Elektron

1 min read

The Sequent Titanium Elektron smart self-charging watch is a premium timepiece for those looking to enjoy an impressive timekeeping experience, while also enjoying some smartwatch-like features.

The timepiece maintains a lightweight construction thanks to its namesake titanium build and features a minimalist dial that boasts a numeral-free design with luminescent indicators. The watch is integrated with a micro-mechanical self-charging technology that will convert movement into power to eliminate the need for battery replacements or nightly charging.

The Sequent Titanium Elektron smart self-charging watch also works to capture physiological data about the wearer on a 24/7 basis to relay pertinent information to the user’s smartphone. This will make the accessory well-suited for connected users looking for a stylish way to stay connected.


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