August 3, 2021

Skate Culture-Themed Timepieces : seiko and evisen

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Seiko and Evisen work in collaboration on a capsule of watches that are designed with a skate culture theme in mind for the warmer seasons of the year. There is even a watch that is designed with inspiration nodding to tuna sushi.

Starting with the SRPF93 watch, it has an off-white tonal dial to represent the look of a skateboard wheel held together with a calfskin strap around the wrist. This is applied to look like a wood-grained deck and the SRPF94 watch is a black and gold design. It is detailed with Kanji characters and has the Evisen logo on the dial. Finally, the SRPF95 watch is also referenced to as the “Sashimi red” watch with a strap inspired by the texture of rice to round it all out.

Image Credit: Seiko, Evisen


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