July 25, 2021

Sell Sneakers on eBay and Save Money

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Reason enough for eBay to create special incentives for commercial sellers from the upscale sports shoe segment: Become one of them by selling your sneaker collections on the online marketplace and pay only 5 per cent sales commission during the promotion period, as well as 2 per cent for each share of the sale price over €990. The price promotion applies to offers sold from 1 June 2021 to 31 May 2022. The fixed sales commission of 0.35 euros per order remains. Best of all: there are no further fees and no extra costs for buyers. Registration for the promotion is not required. All information at eBay.de/sneaker.

Authenticity Guaranteed: eBay’s Sneaker Authenticity Check

But that’s not all. In August 2021, the eBay authenticity check for sneakers will come to Germany. Without fees for customers and without extra costs for you as a vendor. The eBay authenticity check for sneakers is carried out in cooperation with external experts: once sold, the sneaker is physically checked by a team of experts, verified and sent to buyers with an authenticity tag. Another advantage: in the case of returns, eBay’s sneaker authenticity check ensures that the originally sold item is returned via a verified return process. It is sent directly back to the authenticity checkers, who verify each item and its condition before returning it to sellers.

More information on this offer will be available in August.


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