July 24, 2021

Sci-Fi Soldier Timepieces : URWERK EMC TimeHunter

1 min read

The URWERK EMC TimeHunter watch is a sci-fi-inspired accessory for wearers who are looking for a futuristic timepiece that doesn’t skimp on fashion or functionality. The watch is first and foremost characterized by its Stormtrooper-like design that makes use of monochromatic details in order to tell a story to onlookers. The accessory features a functional dial on the front that is accented by a second-counting dial in the upper-right corner, while the upper-left corner is home to the precision amplitude meter to ensure accurate time keeping.

The URWERK EMC TimeHunter watch features a mechanical movement within that looks to balance function and form, and make it applicable for science fiction fans who want to incorporate a touch of fandom into their everyday accessories.


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