November 27, 2021

Protective Titanium Smartwatch Cases : metal Apple Watch case

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The ‘CYBER WATCH’ metal Apple Watch case has been designed by Gray Inc. as an aftermarket accessory for smartwatch users that will provide them with a stylish way to keep their wearable protected.

The case features a CNC-machined titanium build that’s mechanically textured, which also gives it a Tesla-like design that will suit discerning users with a penchant for next-generation aesthetics. The two-piece design protects the wearable from all angles and also comes with a FKM rubber strap that’s designed to fit in well with the protective proportions of the rugged case.

The ‘CYBER WATCH’ metal Apple Watch case comes in several finish options including a raw metal option, a gold variety and even PVD rainbow version to really capture attention during wear.

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