June 22, 2021

Pool Time Fun – Julia Berolzheimer

1 min read

We’ve been having loads of fun splashing around the pool with family and friends, playing games, and floating on colorful blow-up rafts. C loves to play find the rings and toys, sometimes even diving down to the bottom of the step to retrieve them. Yes, she is a little fish, and we are amazed by her love of the water. We make sure to always prioritize water safety first, having enrolled her in special swimming classes months ago. Pool time is always a treat, whether we’re swimming laps, playing, or relaxing on a floating chaise (my personal favorite). See an assortment of  toys and games below to enjoy in and around the pool this summer!

Playing games like this catch-the-fish one offers a fun, engaging activity whether in the bath or pool.

I could lounge all day in the pool in this pink blow-up floaty, complete with a mesh base for added comfort.


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